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The passion and yearning for helping those who are hopeful and courageous for building a new life in a new country stems from the founders of this NGO. They have faced all of the new immigrant challenges and have persevered successfully and now wish to give back to the community specifically the new immigrant community that is testing their luck at starting a new life. These individuals are taking risks and chances for their shot at a life that provides them with improved opportunities in all spheres of life.

Our Mission

Our Mission

HMSC is a Canadian NGO assisting migrants from across the world. Our mission is to provide support and expertise for individuals who aspire to build a life in Canada.

Image by Larm Rmah
Image by Jhon Jim

Our Vision

To empower and enable the immigrants to integrate into the Canadian society. We envision all Canadians working together to help and support the less advantaged make new lives in Canada.

Our Vision

Our Core Values

  • Access

  • Inclusion

  • Client empowerment

  • User-defined services

  • Holistic approach

  • Respect for the individual

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Community development

  • Collaboration

  • Accountability

  • Orientation towards positive change

  • Reliability

HMSC understands that bringing immigrants to Canada is only the first baby step towards helping these individuals build a life and enjoy a desired and successful lifestyle. Our approaches and avenues for getting the results span from in-person consultations (post COVID-19) and through our robust website and social media.

Our core values

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